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  • Celboxes OEM/ODM Sevice


    Celboxes™ was established in 2019 by Chinese leading Packaging& Package company Longhui Technology, We are specially focus on used mobile phone package OEM and OEM service. In the sametime, we also offer related mobile accessories like cables, chargers and earphone which match with the boxes with unbeatable price and big quantity.

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    Celboxes™ have set up warehouses and have large quantities of available Stocks in Europe. It will be fast and convient for you to purchase package boxes and accessories in local, or you can choose to customize your own boxes in China. 

    special carrier partners

    in German

    Contact Sino Euro
    Georg Vartanjan
    Whatsapp: +49 157 38265461
    Email: g.vartanjan@sino-euro.de

    special carrier partners 

    in Italy

    Whatsapp: +393927585827
    Email: info@hktrading.it

    OEM/ODM service 

    in China

    Frank Tsai
    Whatsapp: +18123739730
    Email: info@celboxes.com

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